Sauer Sometimes

Two Weeks to Launch a Teeny Shop

Last minute decisions: I decided to get a table at my synagogue’s flea market. I decided to get a table, two and a half weeks before the date of the market. I had no stock. […]

Jun, 11 · in Craft,Sew

Affliction and stuff

Yo! It’s Pesach! Or Passover! Near Easter! YESSSSSS! The seder plate of my Bloody Mary, passover style. Seriously, Passover is one of my favorite holidays. Or at least the first 3-4 days. Then all I […]

Apr, 09 · in Preserve

A little bitters goes a long way.

My army of blue bitters bottles. Say that five times fast. (UPDATED: recipes and instructions added.) (Inspired by #bandofbitters and this awesome post: It’s been quite a while since my last post. I’ve never […]

Jan, 12

Things That Are Red

I had a ton of beets languishing in cold storage (a.k.a. packed in paper bags taking up my entire vegetable drawer) for ages. I love roasted beets, but never remember to buy chevre, my favorite […]

Nov, 07

What can I say, I’m a Tim Burton fan.

I really love Halloween. Every year, I get the little note or email from my daughter’s Jewish daycare, reminding us not to dress our kids in costume, please don’t bring in cards or candy, please […]

Oct, 30

Your CSA gives you Kabocha – make cake

A couple weeks ago I got this crazy awesome looking japanese squash called Kabocha. All the pictures I’ve seen online show them as a beautiful grey green color, but mine was red striated with a […]

Oct, 21

Stay Classy Jello Shots

After the last frantic weeks of August and the post post-Labor Day hangover, we were feeling at loose ends.   Jello glamour shot. No more barbecues, all the summer music festivities were over, no more […]

Oct, 07

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